How do you spend your time in life

In modern life we’re simply bombarded with tons of you name it, information stress etc, everywhere
From work to home to personal life.

We always are in front of “decision” taking moments, decisions with consequences.

Whatever decisions you take in life, just make sure you:

live with the one you love and feel is the right people or any
companions/family to give the most precious thing you have: TIME

no matter where you live, make sure you’re really happy..
The question that arises as a consequence is :
what is that really makes you happy?

Is it material things, experiences, money, cars, electronics, women, art, traveling, animals? (you continue…)
Answer to that and you’ll automatically get a 100% exact answer to what you’re asking above.

“There’s no point owning a Ferrari if your passion is mountains and you love living on the edge, into the wild, camping”


Being able to help others brings me happiness;

Being able to really help others brings me real happiness;

Being able to help more people will bring me infinite happiness.

So I have to keep honing my skills in order to expand my influence, so that I can eventually help more people.

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